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Ecobus Air Purification - Wall Mount

Ecobus is designed to be a permanently mounted unit. Its technology renders bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, and other contaminants in the air and on surfaces effectively harmless on a continuous basis.

Treatment from Ecobus also eliminates odours to create a cleaner, safer classroom environment.

Ecobus utilizes photo-catalytic oxidation technology that generates advanced oxidation products (AOP’s), primarily consisting of hydroperoxides, or vaporized hydrogen peroxide. Photo catalytic oxidation technology replicates natures purifying process through the use of ultraviolet energy to activate a multi-metal catalyst, converting water vapor into oxidizers including peroxide and hydroxyls. These oxidants will either inactivate the microbe by the process of cell lysing which compromises the cellular integrity by oxidation penetrating the cell wall, or by changing the molecular structure rendering the contaminant harmless. Your family, friends, customers, and employees will enjoy fresh, clean air that is virtually free from the harmful germs, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants that can cause discomfort and illness.


Benefits of purair

​• Powerful Remediation

• Now with Ionization Technology

• Reduces Mold, Bacteria & Viruses • Mounts to Save Space

• Eliminates Odours & VOC’s

• Wide List of Applications

Features & Specifications


Dimensions: 10.25”H (260mm) x 7.75”W (197mm)

x 3.00”D (76.2mm)
Weight: 1lb (.45kg)
Materials: Powder Coated Aluminum
Warranty: 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


Input Voltage: 24VDC
Operating Voltage: 24VCD
Operating Wattage: 12.9W
Operating Amperage: .53Aa


Airflow: 45CFM
Coverage: 6000 ft.3

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