Commercial Shop Heaters & Restaurant Patio Heaters

If you are operating a business in Central Alberta, you know there are more cold days that require heat than there are comfortable days. Heaters not only improve the comfort of your staff and customers, but they also protect your tools and products. 

Linear HVAC Solutions offers shop and patio heaters to create spaces that are more comfortable and profitable for your business.


Shop Heaters

Your shop is the base for your operations, and you want to ensure that your space is properly heated. The cold can damage your tools and make your team inefficient. With the help of a shop heater, you can create a comfortable space for your team, your customers and your equipment. They are also to create fuel savings, as your fleet of vehicles will need less time to heat up.

Linear HVAC Solutions can install unit heaters from Allied Air and Reznor or tube heaters manufactured by Roberts Gordon and Superior Radiant Products to meet the needs of your shop.


Patio Heaters

Patios are a popular space to eat, drink and socialize. You can stretch out the outdoor dining days for your customers and boost your profitability with the help of efficient patio heaters. The patio heaters offered by Linear HVAC Solutions increase your outdoor dining season by 70%.

The patio heaters from Calcana produce gas-fired energy in the form of infrared waves and offer:

  • Up to 75,000 btu capacity with a fuel cost of less than 75¢ per hour
  • Variable heat control from 50 to 100 percent capacity
  • Heaters take up zero floor space
  • Wall or ceiling mounting available, covered or uncovered applications


Arrange a free quote with Linear HVAC Solutions if you would like to efficiently heat your garage, shop or patio to improve the comfort and bottom line of your business.

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