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pureAir 3000 


pureAir 3000 Whole Home Purifier

pureAir 3000 is the solution to indoor air quality in homes or offices up to 3000ft2. Using four advanced technologies, pureAir 3000 helps to eliminate odors, smoke, pollen, dust, bacteria, mold, pet dander, viruses, and much more.

Noticeable pollution is eliminated in as little as 15 minutes, and the most difficult pollution in as few as 24 hours.

pureAir 3000 destroys pollution from the air, embedded in walls, ceilings, floors, carpets, furniture, clothing, on countertops and other surfaces. These technologies help to sanitize everything in the house and reduces or eliminates all odors including cigarette smoke, mildew, cooking odors, and more. A small, sleek design makes it an elegant addition to any space, and its convenient remote control allows for simple purification level adjustment.


Benefits of pureAir

• Reduces Bacteria & Viruses


• Needlepoint Ion Generation

• Removes Smoke & Odors


• Ultra Quiet Three Speed Fan

• Adjustable Purification


• Washable Rear Filters

Features & Specifications


Dimensions: 12.25”H (311mm) x 8.88”W (226mm) x 10.75”D (273mm)

Weight: 9.04lb (4.10kg)


Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


UPC: 855819003274


Power Input:


100 - 240VAC | 50/60Hz | 2.5A

Power Output: 15V DC | 3A


Power Usage:

22W (Normal) | 38W (High)


Effective Area: Up to 3000 ft2


Remote Control:


Controls Power, Purification Level, Fan Speed, Away Mode, Silent Mode.

The Technologies

Photocatalytic Oxidization.png

Photocatalytic Oxidization

PCO produces a purifying plasma which breaks down odors, volatile organic compounds VOCs), mold, bacteria, and viruses through molecular dissociation, resulting in trace carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Ionization .png


Ionization creates a continuous high level of ions in the treated space, which cause particles in the air to become attracted to each other like magnets. As particles clump together, they are too heavy to remain suspended in the air and fall to the floor or are caught in filtration.



Activated Oxygen, or Ozone (O3 ), is a naturally ocurring oxidizer found everwhere outdoors, with higher levels after thunderstorms. It breaks down chemicals and microbials and is especially adept at eliminating offensive odors. pureAir products utilize scalable ozone generation, allowing the user to adjust output to create a natural, safe level indoors.

Electrostatic Filtration.png

Electrostatic Filtration

An advanced electrostatic filter is included with pureAir 3000 to help keep the purifier clean as well as filter out particles clumped together through ionization.


Unlike expensive HEPA filters, the electrostatic filter is washable and can be used for the lifetime of the pureAir 3000. 

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