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res&com HVAC


The air you breathe matters. We are Certified Sheet Metal Mechanics with experience and passion to complete your residential and commercial HVAC projects properly. 

Please select RESIDENTIAL or COMMERCIAL for more information on the specifics for your project.


Beat the heat and stay cool and comfortable in the summer. We supply, install, service, and maintain all types and sizes of central air systems for your home or business. We help you find the right unit size and seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) that suits your needs and your budget. 

We are certified to install your central air properly the first time, guaranteed.


Make a well informed choice when you need to replace your furnace. We make sure a certified technician does the work, we asses your existing HVAC system first, and we help you choose the correct size furnace for your home or business. 

To maximize the life of your furnace, selecting the correct unit to install matters. If you have the right size unit, installed and maintained properly, it will reduce future costs with repairs and energy efficiency. We want to give you the best service and education on your purchase, and stay on budget. We have financing options too, ask us about our Lease To Own program. 


The quality of the air you breathe, the longevity of your equipment, and the more energy efficient you want your home to be all depends on the regular service and maintenance of your HVAC equipment. 

We can inspect, repair, and help to maintain all of your HVAC equipment. Our certified team is passionate about providing you with trusted, professional, and well informed solutions for you and your equipment. 


Renovating is exciting! When you start thinking about your project and budget make sure you do not overlook the importance of your heating, air conditioning, and duct work. For this part of the build, you need to consult a professional.


For renovation projects, we need to take a look at any architectural drawings and complete a site visit prior to starting the project. Some projects may require a heat loss calculation depending on the size of the plans. To create an accurate budget and timeline, knowing the scope of the project in advance makes a big difference. For example, if you’re including an addition, you’ll likely need to run additional ducts, which could increase the budget required to complete the work.

We are skilled and excited to help you with your renovation project HVAC needs. 

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