About Your HVAC System Partner

Linear HVAC Solutions Ltd. expertly meets all your air quality, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs for your home or commercial building.

At Linear HVAC Solutions Ltd., we know not everybody thinks about the equipment that heats, cools and circulates the air in our living and working environments. Our team of professionals knows that equipment that is properly sized for your home or commercial building, and expertly installed for optimal air quality and energy efficiency, improves air quality and your energy bill.

Under the leadership of Brent Nemish and Brian Kehler, Linear HVAC Solutions Ltd.’s team of highly qualified and experienced Journeymen skillfully design and build custom air systems and install the highest quality equipment, backed by industry-leading warranty programs.

Linear HVAC Solutions is committed to providing you with quality HVAC systems, above and beyond installation services and valuable information. Our knowledgeable technicians provide educational explanations of the problems that we identify in our free detailed quote process, along with recommendations on what we believe is the right HVAC solution for you. Linear HVAC’s commitment is to ensure you are comfortable in your home or business for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions