Garage & Patio Heaters

There are several smaller places around your home that need heating to remain functional, including your garage and patio. With the help of heaters, you can improve the comfort of these spaces and extend their uses. 


Garage Heaters

Your shop or garage is more than just a place to store your vehicles and tools. It is a space to work and do your hobbies. Having a warm space with the help of a garage heater is better for your vehicles and your family. An efficient garage heater creates a comfortable work or exercise space and protects everything you store in the shop or garage. Having your garage and vehicles warmed by a garage heater, you can save on fuel costs.

Linear HVAC Solutions can install garage heaters from Allied Air and Reznor to meet the needs of your shop or garage.


Patio Heaters 

In Alberta, we want to squeeze every moment out of the summer. While the early mornings and evenings are still pleasant, you can make your home’s outdoor spaces even more comfortable. Patio heaters are the perfect solution to extend your family’s enjoyment in your patios and decks. 

Linear HVAC Solutions offers patio heaters from Calcana. Calcana patio heaters produce gas-fired energy in the form of infrared waves.


Arrange a free quote with Linear HVAC Solutions if you would like to efficiently heat your garage, shop or patio to get more enjoyment out of your home.

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