Heat / Energy Recovery Ventilators

New homes are more airtight, which helps save energy but can make the inside air stale. We are then exposed to common pollutants like moisture, odours, viruses, household chemicals and mould. Heat Recovery Ventilators and Energy Recovery Ventilators continuously replace poor quality air full of pollutants with clean air from outside. They are also capable of controlling humidity and creating an even temperature in your home.  These units not only create a comfortable and healthy space for your family, but they also offer cost savings for you by using heat in the HRV/ERV to preheat or cool the fresh air it is drawing in and circulating through your home.

Our knowledgeable technicians review your home’s needs to help you find the right HRV/ERV unit. We offer efficient HRV/ERV units from Nu-Air and Venmar.

If you have any questions about how HRV/ERV units can improve the air in your home and how Linear HVAC Solutions can install a unit, contact our technicians today.

At Linear HVAC Solutions, we want to create a cleaner and more comfortable home. Contact us today to arrange a free quote to start the process of installing an HRV/ERV in your home.

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