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Cool Your Home With Residential Air Conditioners

The summers in Central Alberta are getting warmer and warmer each year. With rising temperatures, homes become more uncomfortable throughout the day and even the night. So when you find your fans just aren’t keeping your home cool enough, an air conditioning unit is the solution.

Air conditioners installed by Linear HVAC Solutions improve the comfort of your home by cooling down the temperature. This can improve your sleep quality and the quality of the air in your home as well. By reducing the heat in your home, you can better control the humidity. 

We offer furnace ducted air conditioning systems and mini split or ductless split air conditioning systems with single-zone or multi-zone options. Linear HVAC Solutions carries residential air conditioning products made by AirEase, Mitsubishi and Samsung. Our trained technicians take the time to ensure that you have the information to select the best air conditioning unit installed for your home and your needs. In our quote process, we take the time to thoroughly evaluate your home and understand your needs when it comes to cooling your residence.

So, if you are tired of trying to tough it out through the heat, Linear HVAC Solutions can install an efficient air conditioning unit. 

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