Heat Pumps

Heat & Cool Your Home With One HVAC Unit

Heat pumps allow you to effectively move warm and cool air, as needed, throughout your home - all with one piece of equipment. These units are also effective in reducing emissions.

The name heat pump does not refer to the generation of heat; instead, these units move heat from one place to another. Heat pumps absorb heat from the outside and through their mechanical process they compress that heat to provide heat for inside your home. A heat pump is also able to provide many of the same benefits as an air conditioner as it absorbs heat from the air inside and releases it through the outdoor unit.

Through our thorough and informative quote process, Linear HVAC Solutions can install the right heat pumps based on your needs and the specifications of your home. We offer heat pumps from trusted brands, including AirEase, Mitsubishi and Enertech.

If you would like to improve how you heat and cool your home, contact Linear HVAC Solutions to arrange your free quote.

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